Sunday, March 31, 2013

I ate a donut

I've been here 85 days - 12 weeks - 3 months - an eternity and yet,  not long enough.
Some day sit seems as if I've just arrived - things to still see and experience (thus eating a donut from the Torrance Bakery earlier this week), but missing my peeps a bit.

The whales are gone, helicopter activity seems to have slowed down, a friend's baby second daughter has been born, a family member is learning to walk, cruise ships have come and gone, chemo is now part of another's weekly regimen, I had a birthday, have listened to some great music, eaten some lovely food... the world continues to turn.

The past month has been all about looking for permanent work.  I've decided that I want to try to stay in SoCal for awhile.  Lots of opportunity (competition too). Interviews with small businesses, food service and party rental corps.  There are a number of irons in the fire - one in particular I am hoping will catch.  I'd be proud to represent this company based on the quality of their product and values.  Fingers crossed.

IF I find full-time employment in the hospitality field, and can earn what's required to manage cost of living in Los Angeles, the next step is figuring out how to move my East Coast life to the West Coast becomes the next big challenge.  Sell, donate, consign, pack, ship - most likely in a very short period of time.  Is it even possible???

Happy Spring! (and stay tuned...)

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  1. Love reading your blog, Adventure Woman! So it sounds like things are working out there? Keep us posted!